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Smart Phones- An Asset or Liability

Mobiles, today, are not only used for the purpose of calling, or texting, but now mobiles have turned into smart phones which provides various other facilities other than just the basic, simple features. With the introduction of new operating systems and applications, mobiles have become a new source of entertainment and time pass. Apps like Whatsapp and hike have made communication and sharing videos and images simpler and faster. Teenagers are more inclined towards the upcoming smart phones firstly because of their looks and secondly because of the facilities they provide and softwares they support. These phones are idol for playing games like temple run, subway surf and candy crush. Some sites even provide Free Mobile Casino Games which are all enjoyed a lot by today’s generation, who are very keen to test their luck.

Office going people may find these phones useful for the purpose of sending and receiving mails and preparing presentations on the go. They are just like minicomputers. They are easy to carry anywhere and provide almost all the services which are provided by a computer. Everything in your pocket always and one can always customize and set up thing in his phone according to his personal needs. They can be used for navigation, e-banking, e-booking and translation. These phones can be of much benefit to people living in a different country as it would help them in searching all the places where they have to go.

As every coin has two sides so these smartphones also have some disadvantages. First and a major disadvantage is that these phones are rather expensive and not everyone can afford them. And if they get damaged, then the cost to get them repaired is very high. The second disadvantage of a smartphone is that some people with little knowledge of technology may find these phones difficult to use. It may give them a tough time understanding the working of these mobiles. Teenagers tend to get addicted to these phones. This will hamper their studies. Researchers have proved that people spending too much time before mobile screens tend to get impatient and quarrelsome. Their IQ level decreases and they are not able to focus on their work.

Thus, smartphones can be of great help if one uses them wisely, but the same phone can turn into a hazard if used recklessly and continuously. A person buying a smart phone should first analyze whether there is a possibility of getting addicted to these phones or will these phones really prove as an asset for the user.