Learn Why Sunglasses Are So Popular With Poker Players

One of the most popular poker player stereotypes is sunglasses. Almost everyone knows that there are poker players who wear sunglasses. Some people think this is just ridiculous, while others won’t leave without straightening their sunglasses. Whether it sounds funny or cool, it actually helps in a lot of things. This has nothing to do with the sun, but has a lot to do with poker; strange enough.

The reason most gamers will call you when you ask them why they wear sunglasses is always the same. They say one of two things; therefore people cannot read them or because the light becomes too bright. Online poker gamers who do not hesitate to wear sunglasses inside blame the light, while those who don’t care are told exactly why they wear them. Some players don’t even know why they are using them; they just think it’s the best thing to do.

What is the importance of sunglasses and contact lenses for poker?

They actually help a lot because people can’t read you. One of the best results people can get is your eyes. It is also difficult to stop reading. Your body language is probably impossible to hide with sunglasses, but it’s easier to change. If you wear sunglasses and people can’t see your eyes, that’s one less thing than people can read about you. Just make sure you don’t show your cards in the reflection of your sunglasses; it does happen.

You can work with glasses and vice versa. Many poker players wear IR contact lenses for poker to read to other people. If they can’t see your eyes, it will be much easier for them to look at them without knowing that you are doing it. You’d be surprised what people are doing if they don’t know that you are looking them directly in the eyes. It’s actually quite fun. All jokes aside; it really helps to read your players and get useful information. Without glasses, they will probably know what you are looking at and not do anything stupid.

Finally, there is how they make you feel at the table. It may sound very silly, but the fact is that some people just feel more comfortable hiding behind glasses. This is a good way to hide and pretend that you are not there. You can be a behind-the-scenes player and get a lot more on your head. While it doesn’t really matter if you have glasses or not, they can make you feel a lot more confident, especially if you’re used to wearing them all the time.

It doesn’t matter for whatever reasons the poker player wears sunglasses; it all comes down to one simple thing. They are used to hide the eyes and this has become something that can benefit many people. So the answer to that question is yes, wearing sunglasses at the poker table helps. However, there are many people (especially veterans) who will insist that there is no reason to wear sunglasses while inside a building.