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How to play and win the Keno game?

Keno is the game of chance that was Chinese originated over hundreds of years ago. It is similar to a lottery game in both the form and chance. Your chance of winning the game is low and it decreases as you play the game more in both the cases. Keno game allows the player to hit a large return with just a small wager. Check out the site Eurolotto and paly the keno games online. If you have decided to play keno game, get to know how to win the game. This article helps you to know how to win the keno game.

Increase your odds:

First of all, you need to know how to play the keno game. In this game there are 1 to 80 numbers. The casino draws 20 numbers every time and displays them. It is the players who need to guess the numbers drawn by the casino. The players have to mark the keno ticket with the numbers they select between 1 and 80. The higher the bet you place, the larger the payout will be if you win the game. Each casino might be a bit different. Get around and find a house where the payout is not bad. Once you have found the casino with good payout, it is important to find a keno game that has a progressive jackpot.

Compute the probability of winning:

You need to calculate the expected value of each of the win that is non-jackpot. Similar to non-jackpot calculations, compute the chances of winning the progressive jackpot. Then try to write down the formula for the value expected as the function of jackpot size. Then, by setting the final return equal to the ticket price, you can compute how large must be the jackpot.

Once you have picked the keno numbers and marked on the keno ticket, all you have to do is to wait till the jackpot gets higher. Many websites like Eurolotto offers a wide variety of keno games to play online. Avoid duplicating the selection of keno numbers that have been called recently to improve your chances of hitting the numbers. It is wise to select a number that has not been called for many games, hoping that the probability works in favor. If you do not know what number to select in a keno game, you can consider selecting the numbers of some special events date, like that. Eventually they bound to hit if they are played consistently.