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How to enjoy Casino- online vs land based?

I had never been to a casino before marriage. It appears to be funny but our honeymoon took place in the most happening city of the world, extremely popular for its extravagant casinos. Yes, you got it right! This was my very first trip to Las Vegas where I found myself surrounded by the casinos, right from the Vegas airport. Before I could explore the bigger casinos on the Vegas strip, my husband introduced me to the slot machines at the airport itself. The clattering sound of the coins was enticing enough to get me started. I must tell you that it was an instant hit with me and I assume that it has the same influence on every beginner.

By the time we checked into our hotel, it was almost 10 pm.  Go Hotel Stratosphere became our abode in the city for the next four days. After completing the check-in formalities, it was already 11 pm and according to me was the time to hit the bed. I sprang with surprise when my husband suggested an idea to go around the city. I then gained knowledge that the casinos are operational almost till 4 am and the midnight is the best time people usually come out all dressed up and ready to hit the casinos. Even though I was extremely tired, I could not resist the idea of venturing out in a new city that too at night.

 We quickly changed and soon found ourselves on the Vegas streets. Stratosphere was slightly far from the famous street where most of the renowned and spectacular hotels and casinos are located. We decided to take a bus instead of walking and reached ‘The Street’ in about 15 minutes. The sight was completely unimaginable and truly a spectacular one! I had never seen a place before so brightly lit up and so lively at any time of the day, especially during the wee hours of the night.

There I was admiring the architectural beauty of each hotel and the casino and the brand names I had only read and heard about so far or had seen them in the movies. Some of which are still fresh in my memory are Venetian, Caesar’s Palace, Bally’s, MGM and Bellagio. The fountain show at Bellagio was an awesome experience and one of its own kinds. One of them had a miniature of an Eiffel Tower built inside which looked nothing different from the original one. The best moment was the Gondola ride at Venetian. The first real casino that we checked out was at Bally’s. There I came across various casino games like Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette etc. Only thing that looked familiar to me were the slot machines.

You Will Simply Adore Them!

Not many casino goers know this fact that the quick hit slots machines were made popular by the company that developed the software for bally casino. Ever since the launch of the software, these quick hit slots have gained tremendous popularity all over the world. So much so that Bally decided to bring this experience to the game lovers in every corner of the world by launching its online version. And that was virtually the first time when people actually had the online experience of the good old games of the slot machines. It was a quick hit among people and was loved by all. The biggest advantage is that you get to experience the same thrill and excitement without visiting a real casino. It saves a lot of time and of course the money. Hence you end up enjoying more and have more money at your expense for gambling.

Initially both the real slot games and the online version of agen slot online were quite similar. The symbols used in the online version were the same such as the cherries, bells, bars, dollars etc. This made it easy for people who were new to the web world. They were quickly able to relate to the game. They enjoy playing the online game as much as they did with the real slot machine games. In fact, the wild jackpots and the free bonus turns were also incorporated to give it a real feel. It still remains the most loved game across all countries and the simplicity of playing various formats on it has made it such a quick hit among all game lovers.