Great facts that you have not heard of about online casino

With a sense of devotion pointed towards revealing the mystery hidden inside this cloud, we bring you 7 cool facts about online casinos you probably didn’t know.

The online gambling industry soars higher every day because of how technology has driven it to become more advanced in order to cater the millions of gamblers who frequently ask for new features and experience. As the demand grows larger, online casino operators and developers continue to create unmatched entertainment, exciting tournaments, and more generous prizes that keep a lot of people hooked up to their smart phones and computers for hours.

To celebrate the success of the online gambling industry, here are some very cool facts about it that probably you never heard of.

  1. Majority of gamblers are male. For obvious reasons, men outnumber the women when it comes to gambling where 84 percent of gamblers are the male population. Well, it is given already that men love to gamble and risk, with that being said, it is even more interesting to learn that the very first legal casino license that was issued in Las Vegas was ironically given to a woman, Mayme Stocker in 1920 for her casino named the Northern Club.
  2. Monte Carlo citizens are prohibited to gamble in the 1800s. Monaco’s Monte Carlo, one of the very few top gambling and casino destinations in the world is known for its grandeur and wealth where you can play the very famous Monte Carlo Casino.
  3. The movie 21 where the protagonists where apprehended violently by casino agents for using the number 21 technique for the blackjack card game is actually completely legal in the gambling industry because for obvious reasons it is the best way to win a blackjack game.
  4. You can ban yourself from entering a casino. You heard it right, learn here. In Ohio, there is a voluntary exclusion for gamblers out there who opt to ban themselves to curb their gambling habits especially if they notice that it is going out of control already.
  5. Online casino players prefer to play online slots based on the increase of the number of players that reaches 90 percent of all those who love slot machines while the remaining ten percent sticks to playing land-based casino slot machines. Also, 33 percent of all players are self-proclaimed professional gamblers.
  6. Online casinos also offer lottery games. To keep gamblers entertained and provide them a wider array to waste their money on betting, online gambling and agen judi online incorporated online lottery for quite some time already. A lot of people are not aware that lotteries are the most popular kind of gambling compared to other casino games, in fact, more than fifty percent of the world’s whole population has played the lottery.
  7. Online slots do give out large amounts of money. It has been a big rumor for many online slot lovers that there are numerous accounts of people winning six-digit cash prizes at their favorite online slot machines before that is why it became the main motivation for many who continues to hope that they too can share the same fate as those lucky winners.
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